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Joint Venture

Joint Venture – Overview

Why would you wish to go ahead with a Joint Venture Development Option?

Reason 1: If you may have a wonderful development site and wants to develop it, but does not have the knowledge. You “love” the site and know that you could make it a very successful and profitable real estate development.

Reason 2: Maybe two people have saved their capital, but individually the money is inadequate to undertake a project. Combining their capital and borrowing capacity will allow the real estate development joint venture to proceed.

At such a time if you have land/s that you’d like to use productively it would be a good idea to consider joint venture development with a builder.

But Why? You might ask.

If you were to sell the land directly then it would definitely fetch you a good price. However, if you choose to jointly develop the land with a good residential builder then not only do you get a percentage of the total square feet built but also liquid advance. In other words you don’t entirely lose your property instead you will own a few flats/ investment units.

The flow chart below will make it easier to understand.


Added Advantages of the Landowner

  • Land Owner is free to sell his share of built real estate separately as according to his need and requirement from time to time.

  • Increase in capital value of Real Estate over time and creation of Security from which monthly income by way of rent can be earned.

The Indian Real Estate scenario is very dynamic and different across the world when compared. Legal encumbrances, litigations and numerous hurdles make the property very difficult for development without the expertise of an experienced developer. The landowner must check with the past track record of the developer before choosing a Joint Venture partner.

One can do so by checking in the market or by (a) calling the land owners whose property has been developed in the past by them by (b) physically checking the quality of work undertaken in the past by visiting his already constructed buildings, also by checking with the occupants who have purchased apartments in such buildings including the quality of post sales services.

Our vision is to create a new way of life on building relationships with all the stakeholders as partners rather than competitors. AMP Universal believes in nurturing & nursing a community and creating value added growth for all, giving way to a new wave of community growth all together. With a dynamic team with expertise in various components needed for a successful business model, AMP Universal is aiming for further Joint Venture development of rehabilitation projects which can include both Brownfield and Greenfield development, and similar projects such as slum redevelopment, community township, etc.