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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


   01. Bhagavad Gita Classes by Vedanta Institute

   02. "Responsible Charity" - Kolkata Clothes Drive


Old Baisakhi Market. [Before 2008]

Where AMP Vaisaakkhi stands now, was actually the place of a buzzing Baisakhi Daily Bazaar. Just like any quintessential market, it was always overcrowded with scattered wastes all around. A large number of residents as well as people from nearby neighbourhood had to face the problems like dirt, soil and garbage while shopping. Going inside the Baisakhi bazaar was a challenge in itself. Beyond that, the hawkers in the market used to live in an unhygienic condition for the greater part of the day. Under these conditions AMP Universal chipped in along with Bidhannagar Municipality to make the situation better.

Temporary shops for the vendors. [After 2008]

They first relocated the entire Baisakhi Bazaar to a nearby place. Then they built temporary shops for the vendors at their own cost. The temporary market started running as usual with complete cooperation of the people who were the daily customers in Baisakhi Bazaar.

Temporary market for daily customers. [After 2008]

In the next phase, AMP Universal started designing the fabulous retail and commercial structure by completely dedicating two floors to the municipality market. The idea was to rehabilitate them where they were but in a far better scientifically designed daily market.

Municipal Market Handover [2010.04.21]

Since its formation, AMP Universal has put a great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. It has worked beyond its financial considerations and put in that extra effort to be perceived not just as corporate giant that exist for profits, but as wholesome unit created for the good of the society and also for people who aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of strong financial back-up . Concern, Creativity and Confidence- are the core values that define AMP. The group is well aware of the fact that there are responsibilities beyond their own business.

AMP Universal has decided to take concrete action to realise its social responsibility objectives, thereby creating value for its stakeholders. The company respects human rights, values its employees and invests in innovative technologies for economic growth.