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The Former Vaisaakkhi Market

Vaisaakkhi Market at AG Block before construction »



Agreement Signing Images [March, 2008] »


Formal Launch of AMP Vaisaakkhi [April, 2008] »


Bidhannagar Mela [January, 2009] »


Credai [March, 2009] »


Municipal Market Handover [21st April, 2010] »


Economic Builders Award [12th June, 2011] »


Outside local area view of AMP Vaisaakkhi »


AMP Vaisaakkhi [Progressing Images 2009 to 2012] »


AMP Vaisaakkhi Lottery [Sunday, 10th February 2013 at The Stadel "Green Park", Yuba Bharati Krirangan,
Gate No. 3, Salt Lake Stadium.] »


Free Health Camp organized by Eskag Sanjeevani at AMP Vaisaakkhi [23rd and 26th January, 2014] »


AMP Vaisaakkhi was proud and happy to organize 26th January, 2014 Celebrations for the localites along with a Band Performance! »


On 8th February, The Annual Pushpamela 2014, organised by Bidhannagar Horticultural Society, was inaugurated by Shri Subhaprasanna, Chief Guest with much enthusiasm of participants and observers alike! & the Prize Distribution Ceremony was carried out on the 9th February, 2014. »


On 8th and 9th February, We had a exclusive team from Franchisee India headed by Shri Uttam Poddar, Head East India to guide buyers and owners alike on various brands that they could partner with and open. »


An Evening with Shri Bejan Daruwalla, 15th April, 2014 (Bengali New Year 1421) »


Lottery conducted on 3rd January, 2015 at AMP Vaisaakkhi, AG 112, Salt Lake city, sector II,
Kolkata -700 091 »