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Corporate Profile

About AMP Universal

With a vision of sustained growth, an aim to fulfill customer satisfaction and a burning desire for innovation AMP Universal was formed back in 2008. A conglomeration of four major business houses, AMP Universal has almost completed AMP Vaisaakkhi, one of the biggest retail and commercial enclave in Salt Lake.

The people at the helm come from different professional backgrounds, primarily Law and Real Estate and hold immense reputation in their field. Their experiences have taught them that the key to successful business lies in forming and maintaining relations. Not only with employees, but clients, third parties anybody and everybody involved. At AMP Universal, everyone is treated with respect.

Work is fun at AMP Universal. Everyday its people face challenges and overcome them with a smile. At AMP challenges are seen as a learning process which is extremely essential to keep them updated with the present expectations of the ever evolving real estate market.

With a number of upcoming projects, it is constantly discovering new horizons in the world of real estate.